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What's Difference Between The Karaoke Machine And The Computer
2011-08-30 09:51:40

Home appliances
Karaoke machine complete set of home appliances, the appearance of small, similar to the home DVD disc players. Easy to use, safe and reliable.
Turn on the power to sing. If the computer. Is it to teach your children how the elderly and Windows systems?

Simple off
Off how to do? Click "Start" - "Turn Off Computer" - "off"?
No, you no longer need for such cumbersome "safe shutdown", you only need to press the power switch on OK.

Free operation
Karaoke machine comes standard with a remote control, sitting on the couch thinking about how to point to how points. Even people who do not use the mouse, you can also ease of operation (karaoke machines also support mouse).

Not afraid of viruses, never crashes
Have you seen the family TV, refrigerator had a "crash" it? No!
Complete set of home appliances, embedded technology of karaoke machines to ensure that: not afraid of viruses, never crashes!

Easier to select songs
Only then can select songs on the TV, VOD menu semi-transparent overlay on the screen in the program, you only need to watch TV to operate on the line, which we call "single-screen." Of course, you can also take a liquid crystal display, a separate interface display song, exactly the same on and KTV rooms. We call this "dual."

U disk added songs
Directly to the U disk, mobile drive, removable hard disk drive on a received song, plus songs can be realized.

Cost savings
No need to configure the computer, can be used independently.

Strong stability
Do not need to install any operating system, there is no access card, not virus-free, zero maintenance.

Single dual-screen
Single-screen dual display support.
Single-screen mode, the song menu screen technology via the OSD superimposed on the program through the video output directly to TV
Dual-screen mode, menu and song program graphical output to display video and TV, respectively.

Phantom Function
Can be set in long after the song if we did not operate, monitor and TV simultaneously broadcast program video.
True dual video.

Any switch
Appliance design, simple operation, as the computer no longer "safe shutdown", just press the power switch.

Hominid original music
Stored nearly 20,000 common DVD songs are Hominid original music, no cycle screen.

Online skin
Several sets of fine dynamic interface, playing at the same time can easily switch, switch songs without cards, easy peeling.

A variety of music formats
Support a variety of music formats: including DVD, VCD, DIVX, MPEG4/2/1, MP3, AC3.


Song many forms
Support the number of words, spelling, singers, number, language, category, theme song and many other ways.

Language variety
English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Arabic, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Chinese Traditional and other text.

Select songs easy to operate
Karaoke machine comes standard with remote control, mouse, song panel, infrared touch screen, touch screen and other digital song parts.

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