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Hotel-on-demand program instance query system
2010-06-08 21:19:16

Introduction: As a diskless network has to facilitate the management, security and stability, high-performance, low operating and maintenance costs of the many features, has been under the cafe owners and systems engineering, including KTV, hotel, exhibition hall, restaurant industry, science and education favored by the industry.

The project targets a three-tier, with 20 rooms each star hotel with 60 rooms for a small and medium projects in the hotel, each room will be equipped with a terminal, and this system terminal must be set and more functions in one, able to offer guests on-demand streaming media services, guests the Room Service, Internet and entertainment services, real-time consumption information, the local tourist information services, aircraft train of transport information, such a project has considerable requirements on the server must have multiple cores to handle up to 60 concurrent processing, you must have very large hard drive capacity does not store large amounts of video data between the frequency, you must also read and write performance with high-speed hard drives to be close to 60 Fu Gaofeng video media during concurrent read check processing, must have high-speed network bandwidth. Our program can do it.
Here is our company as a systems integrator to provide the hotel VOD system solutions.
Processor: INTEL XEON 3220
Motherboard: Asus P5BV-C/2L
In memory: 2 * 2G DDR2 667 ECC
System Hard Drive: Seagate 320 IDE
Drive: 1 * ASUS DVD drive SATA2 interfaces
HDD: 3 * Seagate 1000G SATA2 (RAID5), 4 * 1000 SATA2 (two arrays 0)
Chassis: Tower dedicated server chassis
Power: 600W Server Power Supply Delta

Network topology

The program uses a server XEON 3220 processor with four core, 2.4GHz frequency, this project can fully meet the data request processing. Memory is used in the ECC memory with error correction to ensure the program runs more stable, although it is a normal PC memory, good quality, but with ECC memory is not expensive, so it is still worth taking. IDE hard disk with a disk as a system, the installation is pretty easy, greatly reduces the technical requirements and maintenance difficult, and because of its IDE hard disk read and write operations do not always make the system much longer service life. 3 10000G Seagate hard drive array, do a set of five, with a total capacity of just 2000G, because of the influence by the operating system, a single array is not recommended more than 2000G, or will cause an unknown read error. RAID5 with a more reliable way of security, suitable to put some frequently updated data such as program database files. 4 10000G SATA2 hard drives every two to do a RAID0, RAID0 has the characteristics of fast read and write, suitable for storing video and audio data, video on demand sufficient to meet customer generated when 1MB / S speed data access. Thousands of dual Gigabit Ethernet can achieve a balanced load, which greatly enhance the bandwidth of access. DELTA 600W server power supply, hard enough to cope with concurrent read and write 8.

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