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KTV software components
2010-06-08 21:17:36

Software component software generally divided into two categories: VOD software and back-software system, the following were introduced:

VOD: Software used by customers of the software according to personal preference query (including the singer query, stroke queries, query words, spelling check, letters, queries, queries, and other ways to search for combinations) are required for the song, at present, the software is the Song of the fastest check. In addition, guests can also learn about the star's profile, songs, music control, point wine services. The software interface includes several sets of themes, the technology is the first national KTV system. System uses a multi-module cross-use features, such as customer service functions in the on-demand, beverage functions, is still on-demand control and operation of programs to achieve a fully cross-type operations.

VOD software features: A total of VOD software from the following components: VOD software, song management software, music editing software, songs automatically distribute software.

VOD software: a collection of various software on the market expertise, there are three versions (single interface, the interface more dynamic interface and FLASH), several sets of interfaces for users to choose a single interface version of the multi-interface, multiple background patterns, multi-lingual song features so far no one can be achieved.

VOD management software: it can be effective on the VOD management software, which is responsible for configuration parameters, set the interface functions. He completely gave glowing testimonials to the VOD software, regardless of the user or agent, all according to their own ideas to some scheduling software features.

Music library generation software: It can be in accordance with the server's hard disk capacity, the server program number and copy songs, songs of different options generated library, it is particularly suitable for the agents do their own server.

Songs software automatic distribution order: the order of the songs, you can list the overall order, and the formation of a new database. According to the new database can be stored at any time adjust the songs to automatically update the songs on the local hard drive group, the database automatically downloaded to your local hard disk.

VOD software first glance, functions are similar, but also can point out the songs, but there's a lot of skilled work, such as pieces of pattern can also be supported by a VOD system, to spend ten thousand map interface can also be composed song The workload is absolutely not the same, giving the effect is not the same, the sun VOD software has thousands of pictures for each version of the above, and they almost always do out of professional artists, and those shoddy software totally different song, Some small software company does not artists, the song took the sun to transform the interface (for example, a fake company in Shenzhen Lingyun King VOD system), and some even changed no changes (such as Shenzhen Zhuo research VOD software), some shame; Again, the song is set and flexible software, is powerful, is stable and so on, you do not use that does not look like, until the installation, the money to the people, and then he noticed some problems, but as long as can make do with, to no longer willing to replace the software, as I said before, the hardware configuration chosen is too low, it can not replace good software. KTV song selection because the software is one of the criteria, you should not generalize on this one meet to decide, be sure to examine four areas over the whole re-selection.

Background software system: the background is that the software is composed of multiple software components, so called system. They specifically for the management of KTV establishments, such as software and features the following:

Open Housing Advisory off: for the management and control rooms, such as queries, booking, buy, open room, switch room, and room, off of blocks.

Wine Software: computer for guest rooms and drinks may be through the software point of access provided by the operators and other drinks, and wine consumption in this query.

Cash register system: for guests after checkout consumption and entertainment to develop according to the nature of business fees, the establishment of a variety of checkout.

Supermarket cash register systems: type used in KTV discount supermarket cashier.

Song editing system: Songs for system management of the library of songs, such as adding, editing, production, delete or change. The system is sub-editing hardware cards and software editing system.

Manager for the system: for the entertainment business managers query position, financial expenses, costs of information inquiry.

Service response system: for both guests and managers: Guests can call the services required settings, such as "call waiter", "Call DJ", etc., the service information through the network service response will be sent to the computer, the user respond to the needs of service response and service arrangements; managers can Send PM to all private rooms, advertising, message, Missing Person and so on.

Financial management system: the financial sector for the entertainment of the place-specific financial management, such as income, expenditure, accounting, sales, financial statements, personnel management.

Treasury Management Software: For a simple product into inventory, sales and stock management. Details of the software features and use please refer to the instruction manual. If users have special requirements for software, according to the requirements of the preparation of amendments.

The background song of software functions and software, each a big difference between, and even our own software that points back of new background and the old background, the new version of the background also points simple and complicated version, this is because to achieve functional The different strengths and weaknesses, and some software manufacturers song simply do not own background software (such as the Easy Digital), some features are very weak but (mostly), some simply mount our background ( Technology such as flying), some stolen by function imitation of our background (such as the Oscar). So some manufacturers back to the little money or not, and we are tens of thousands of tens of thousands. This is the back-office functions are different, it can be completed to complete the function of it, and we really are invincible, so the background is one of the criteria selected VOD system, the software if you do not need the background, it will say nothing, and quickly Take another look at three criteria to measure the manufacturers, if you need to place the background software, you still want a good comparison, it is best to look at the actual use of the user.

According to the needs of different users, different combinations of software, you can see the following:

At present, the system consists of ten different features of the software components, especially the background management software, according to the needs of the user's own deployment:

According to user needs and current software function, there are several combinations.

Pure song-type

The software can only meet in the song features. Give some of the more simple or easy to centrally manage users.

Software components:
Song song management program editing
VOD VOD service call management program editing


To charge by time for users than among users of the operating room fee, other consumer be paid in cash or by using other financial systems management.

Software components:
Reservation management program editing cashier VOD VOD service call
Reservation management program editing cashier VOD VOD service call the supermarket cash register
Management of the cash register VOD VOD booking service call the supermarket cash register program editing financial management
Management of the cash register VOD VOD booking service call the supermarket cash register program editing warehouse management Financial Management
VOD VOD cashier booking service call management program editing supermarket cashier check financial management, treasury manager


For high-end users, including the price consumption, drinks and so on.

Software components:
Reservations song song management of the cash register
Reservations song song management of the cash register drinks
Reservations cashier ordering drinks VOD VOD management program editing
Reservations cashier ordering drinks VOD VOD management program editing service call
Reservations cashier ordering drinks VOD VOD management services Call the financial management program editing
Reservations cashier ordering drinks VOD VOD management program editing the Treasury Financial Management Service Call Management
Reservations cashier ordering drinks VOD VOD management program editing service call Manager for financial management, treasury management

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